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Chapter Two, Page 12

Chapter Two, Page 12 published on

Hello, chums, it’s that time again! Are you fond of reading these little blurbs hiding down here under the comics? You may enjoy this interview I did with the nice folks at ComicsVerse! Click either that last sentence or this one to read it!

This comic is dedicated in part to my assistant manager at work, who let me leave early today so that I could go home and draw. It is not dedicated to the huge insectoid creature that crawled out of my dish rack while I was trying to make dinner just now and then disappeared somewhere inside my stove.

Chapter Two, Page 11

Chapter Two, Page 11 published on

Hello, this page has been steeped extra long for a richer flavor!

Do you recognize any of these shady gentlemen? Everyone in the last panel has appeared before!

For the backgrounds in this page, I made a model of this saloon in SketchUp! It was very helpful and actually kind of fun once I figured out the controls. My very dear $5+ subscribers on Patreon will be getting a behind-the-scenes post about using SketchUp to lay out backgrounds sometime this month. Look forward to it!

Chapter Two, Page 10

Chapter Two, Page 10 published on

Hello all, here’s the comic! I’ve gotten some great input on natural dyes from folks on assorted platforms, which I appreciate greatly! One comment suggested muscadine grapes, and a friendly reader who is studying botany suggested sumac or various berries of the genus Rubus. I figure I should give a fun natural dye fact in return. Did you know that you can dye fabric with dried black beans? Technically, you use the liquid the beans have been soaked in. It produces a number of very pretty shades of blue.

One other quick note: for now comments are sort of quarantined at Tapastic, but I may be enabling them here on the site at a later date, depending on future developments. If you’ve got input on this, the GOTH WESTERN tumblr page’s askbox is open! There’s a link in the sidebar.

Until next time!

Chapter Two, Page 9

Chapter Two, Page 9 published on

Greetings from sunny California! I am out here visiting family, which means I’ve actually had time to work on this comic during the day! This page was a lot of fun to draw. My favorite kind of scene.

A friend suggested that the berries from the other page could be mulberries, but neither of us new if mulberries grew out west. Thoughts?

Chapter Two, Page 8

Chapter Two, Page 8 published on

I tend to get caught up in fiddly little details, so I was very pleased I got to include a logistical breakdown of what Evie is going to be wearing until she finds non-bloody clothes. One can’t go about looking like one has been murdered! It’s simply not proper.

I do not have a particular type of berry in mind that these berries are based on. Please refer to a reputable wildlife guide before eating any berries you find on your travels.

Chapter Two, Page 7

Chapter Two, Page 7 published on

Here we may observe Jack’s ongoing preoccupation with being mysterious.

You would not believe the amount of research I did trying to figure out what kind of food she would be making here. Flatbread! But also, did you know: there was a cowboy meal in the old west called “Sonofabitch Stew” which was made from all sorts of creative beef parts. Look it up if you feel like learning too much about what parts of a cow you can eat if you want to.

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