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Chapter One, Page 29

Chapter One, Page 29 published on

Another transmission from the trenches, friends–

I am still at the mercy of Frankenlaptop. The good people at the tech support center managed to mail my newly-repaired laptop to Georgia. For those readers unfamiliar with the vast wasteland of America, that’s about a twelve-hour drive from where I live (a cave in southern Indiana).

Fortunately, the rather harried gentleman I keep harassing by phone assures me that it is at some sort of FedEx facility and they will be mailing it to me by Tuesday. “Tuesday,” I croak into the phone, feeling too bad for him to demand how the estimate changed from “Tomorrow [that is, Thursday the 26th]” to “Next Month.”

In other news, Frankenlaptop’s fan has stopped working entirely and I am beset by miserable upper respiratory infection. Goodness. When it rains, it pours, as they say.

Chapter One, Page 28

Chapter One, Page 28 published on

This may be page 28 of chapter 1, but it’s the 30th page of the comic overall! Look how far we’ve come!

I am still drawing this on the 8-year-old Frankenlaptop, but a light gleams on the horizon. The tech support center has sent word! They are finished fixing my regular laptop! A cheer rises from the assembled crowd like a great wave.

This is really good news because Frankenlaptop is beginning to get moody. I have yet to determine the exact pattern, but it seems like Photoshop crashes at around 10:30 every night. I’m making it work. I suggest getting into the habit of creating redundant backups just constantly.

Chapter One, Page 27

Chapter One, Page 27 published on

Happy Friday the 13th!

I am still drawing this on the reanimated computer, but I have rigged up a typing solution! I’m writing this on the keyboard case I use for my tablet. (It has Bluetooth!)

Anyway, here we have a little more info about Millustra. Making Jack do exposition is hard. She is not very talkative.

(Psst! Did you know you can get GOTH WESTERN stickers? Click here for those.)

Chapter One, Page 26

Chapter One, Page 26 published on

Hello, my dear ones! May I present to you: my damnedest.

I drew a large portion of this comic on an 8-year-old Fujitsu Lifebook with a scratched-up screen, which was restored to Unholy Life by a wizard (and a solid-state hard drive.) It was, however, a rush job, and all I needed it to do was run Photoshop, so we did nothing to address the fact that the keyboard doesn’t work. I am writing this to you longhand, via handwriting recognition.

Things seem to be well in hand for the time being, though I do not discount the possibility that this laptop may melt through my legs, my desk chair, and the floor, and head for the center of the earth not unlike the acid blood of the titular alien from the movie Alien. So if I miss the next update and you do not hear from me, that may be what happened.

Anyway, my hand is getting tired, so I will bid you adieu.

If you’re near Bloomington, IN and you’re having computer trouble, I recommend Isaac at The Computer Clinic. He is, in fact, some sort of wizard.

Chapter One, Page 25

Chapter One, Page 25 published on

Hello all, it’s me again.

The comic may experience a slight schedule hiccup in the coming weeks, as I am having some computer trouble which requires me to send my laptop off to the manufacturer to be repaired. Not to worry, though! I am going to do my damnedest to have a new page for you every Friday, and if my damnedest isn’t good enough, I doubt you will have to miss me for more than a week or two.

I do have a backup plan! Fittingly, it involves a sort of necromancy.

I will try to post relevant updates on the GOTH WESTERN tumblr page. You can also follow me on twitter for both relevant and irrelevant updates.

Chapter One, Page 23

Chapter One, Page 23 published on

Hello all, it’s your reclusive artist emerging from the darkness with some exciting news! I never know what to write down here so I usually don’t write anything at all. I hope you are not too shocked.

First, you can now get to the comic using a new url:! The comic still lives here on, but now you and I have a nice neat url to share with our friends.

Second, and most important, the comic is now on Patreon! With Patreon, generous fans of the comic (and possibly my other work??) can tip me a few dollars a month to help support the creation of the comic (and possibly my other work). I’ve added a link up in the menu bar for convenience. The comic remains free, naturally. This is just a nice thing you can do! Please consider supporting my work. There’s fun bonus features in it for you if you do!

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoy the new page. Stay Wonderful.

-Your Pal, Livali

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