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Chapter One, Page 23

Chapter One, Page 23 published on

Hello all, it’s your reclusive artist emerging from the darkness with some exciting news! I never know what to write down here so I usually don’t write anything at all. I hope you are not too shocked.

First, you can now get to the comic using a new url:! The comic still lives here on, but now you and I have a nice neat url to share with our friends.

Second, and most important, the comic is now on Patreon! With Patreon, generous fans of the comic (and possibly my other work??) can tip me a few dollars a month to help support the creation of the comic (and possibly my other work). I’ve added a link up in the menu bar for convenience. The comic remains free, naturally. This is just a nice thing you can do! Please consider supporting my work. There’s fun bonus features in it for you if you do!

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoy the new page. Stay Wonderful.

-Your Pal, Livali

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