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Chapter One, Page 26

Chapter One, Page 26 published on

Hello, my dear ones! May I present to you: my damnedest.

I drew a large portion of this comic on an 8-year-old Fujitsu Lifebook with a scratched-up screen, which was restored to Unholy Life by a wizard (and a solid-state hard drive.) It was, however, a rush job, and all I needed it to do was run Photoshop, so we did nothing to address the fact that the keyboard doesn’t work. I am writing this to you longhand, via handwriting recognition.

Things seem to be well in hand for the time being, though I do not discount the possibility that this laptop may melt through my legs, my desk chair, and the floor, and head for the center of the earth not unlike the acid blood of the titular alien from the movie Alien. So if I miss the next update and you do not hear from me, that may be what happened.

Anyway, my hand is getting tired, so I will bid you adieu.

If you’re near Bloomington, IN and you’re having computer trouble, I recommend Isaac at The Computer Clinic. He is, in fact, some sort of wizard.

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