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Chapter Three, Page 5

Chapter Three, Page 5 published on

FUN FACT: All the horses in Thebes are named after historical references folks in the 19th century used to indicate they might be interested in friendly relations with an individual of their same sex. (check out “Strangers” by Graham Robb to learn more!)

ALSO: Good news for folks who enjoyed my Laptop Saga: I once again find myself embroiled in a web of mystery and intrigue. Don’t worry, my laptop is fine! However, for some reason my home internet will periodically refuse to connect to the GOTH WESTERN website. No other part of my site is affected, and my web host can’t find anything wrong. And here’s the best part: it works just fine using my phone’s mobile data or a proxy server. Anyway, I’m uploading this page using a proxy server and trying in the meantime to figure out what the heck to do about this weird problem. I plan to make some phone calls as soon as I get my voice back. (Yes, I’ve also fallen ill again.)

Until next time, friends!

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