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Chapter Two, Page 10

Chapter Two, Page 10 published on

Hello all, here’s the comic! I’ve gotten some great input on natural dyes from folks on assorted platforms, which I appreciate greatly! One comment suggested muscadine grapes, and a friendly reader who is studying botany suggested sumac or various berries of the genus Rubus. I figure I should give a fun natural dye fact in return. Did you know that you can dye fabric with dried black beans? Technically, you use the liquid the beans have been soaked in. It produces a number of very pretty shades of blue.

One other quick note: for now comments are sort of quarantined at Tapastic, but I may be enabling them here on the site at a later date, depending on future developments. If you’ve got input on this, the GOTH WESTERN tumblr page’s askbox is open! There’s a link in the sidebar.

Until next time!

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