Chapter Three

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Welcome, friends, to Chapter Three! Things are starting to come together. What awaits our heroes in this chapter? Let us continue forward together. Also, exciting news: Patrons pledging $5 or more per month now get to see each page a week in advance! Please take a look at my Patreon to learn more. If $5… Continue reading Chapter Three

Chapter Three, Page 1

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Here we are, Chapter Three! There’s so much I’m excited for in this chapter. Hey, are you following the GOTH WESTERN tumblr blog? I’ll forgive you if you’re not; it’s mostly just update notifications for the comic. However! I did post this very fancy character portrait of Jack (and Millustra) last week. I’m quite pleased… Continue reading Chapter Three, Page 1

Chapter Three, Page 5

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FUN FACT: All the horses in Thebes are named after historical references folks in the 19th century used to indicate they might be interested in friendly relations with an individual of their same sex. (check out “Strangers” by Graham Robb to learn more!) ALSO: Good news for folks who enjoyed my Laptop Saga: I once… Continue reading Chapter Three, Page 5

Chapter Three, Page 6

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I emerge from my cave, however briefly, to slide this comic under the crack in your door. Please enjoy it. It was very fun to draw. Hopefully the website troubles will be resolved shortly. I have been offered aid from an old friend, who has been incredibly helpful. I will be implementing my friend’s wizard… Continue reading Chapter Three, Page 6